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Winding Wheel - Yorkshire Main Colliery

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    Winding Wheel - Yorkshire Main Colliery

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    St Peters Church, Old Edlington

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Latest News

Notice of Parish Election - 6 May 2021

Elections to Edlington Town Council will take place on Thursday 6 May 2021

Posted: Tue, 23 Mar 2021 17:49 by Town Clerk

21/00398/MINA - Breedon's Planning Application Quarrying Extension

At Tuesday's Town Council meeting (9th March) the Council as a statutory consultee considered the above mentioned planning application by Breedon's for an extension to their existing quarrying operations from Holme Hall quarry. The Town Council resolved to object to the Planning Authority re the proposed development on the following basis, in support of concern's expressed by the local community :-The Town Council wish to object to this proposed development for an extension to Breedon's existing quarrying permissions. The Town Council whole-heartedly support the existing objections from the local community (8 objections lodged as at 9/3/21) with various reasons for so doing. In particular, the TC would like to register its particular objections in respect of :-1) Highways issues - there has been no traffic impact assessment and the extension of operations for a further 10 years will lead to a proliferation of HGV wagons travelling through Edlington on route to the A1/M18 leading to potential speeding, pollution to the environment and risk to pedestrian's especially near Hilltop Academy where School pupils cross the road, as well as additional wear and tear to the highway from the level of likely vehicle volumes that will result. There are already far too many HGV wagons travelling through the village2) Local strategic/national/local planning policies - the impact of climate emergency implications and the target of contributing towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The Town Council at today's meeting declared a climate emergency and are fully supportive of Friends of the Earth twenty point plan for Towns & Parishes to help contribute towards the emissions targets and feel that the impact of this application (if approved) would be of detriment to the wider climate emergency and biodiversity interests of the local community3) Noise/disturbance & smells/fumes - the local community have lobbied the Town Council over the last 12 months or so in particular regarding blasting from existing operations at the quarry often causing a noise and tremors to local dwellings in Edlington & Old Edlington and any extension of existing permissions would simply exacerbate the situation and number of reported incidences. The existing operations add to poorer air quality from dust caused by existing permissions and an extension would worsen the situation further4) Adverse impact on nature conservation & biodiversity opportunities - linked to the observations above relating to a climate emergency, the Town Council feel that any extension of quarrying will have an adverse impact on local wildlife and species currently evident in the area and be detrimental to their existence and contribution they make to the areas wider biodiversity5) Effect on listed buildings and conservation area - there are 3 listed building in our Parish area, all situated in Old Edlington and the impact of blasting and tremors reported and any extension of operations for quarrying will simply exacerbate the effects upon and risks to these listed buildings.Town Clerk12/3/21

Posted: Fri, 12 Mar 2021 11:02 by Town Clerk

Petition - seeking reduced speed limit 30mph & crossing outside entrance to Pit Wood on Broomhouse Lane

The Town Council are urging the local community to sign our petition to lobby Doncaster Council Highways for a reduced speed limit to 30mph outside the entrance to the Pit Wood on Broomhouse Lane, Edlington and for installation of a pedestrian crossing

See further details and to sign our petition on the link at Change.org

Posted: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 11:43 by Town Clerk