Edlington Town Council

Serving the people of Edlington

Winding Wheel - Yorkshire Main Colliery

Clerk: Mr S Oldham
The Grainger Centre and
Council Offices, Stubbins
Hill, Edlington, Doncaster
DN12 1JN

Tel: 01709 770552


Edlington Town Council has four allotment sites which are self-managed. They are as follows:

  • Martinwells Allotments - Secretary John Lee 07935 530245
  • Staveley Street Allotments - Secretary Sharon Ward bazer1970@yahoo.co.uk 07999 498633
  • Hilltop Allotments - Secretary Ralph Key, ralph-key@hotmail.com 07534 898314
  • Auburn Road Allotments - Secretary Steve Hanks stevehanks1967@gmail.com 07766 911510

If you would like to apply for an allotment in Edlington, please contact the respective Secretary.

If you have any more questions about the allotments, please contact us and we'll answer as soon as possible.