Edlington Town Council

Serving the people of Edlington

Winding Wheel - Yorkshire Main Colliery

Clerk: Catherine Mullen
The Grainger Centre and
Council Offices, Stubbins
Hill, Edlington, Doncaster
DN12 1JN

Tel: 01709 770552

Financial Information & Auditor Returns

Annual Audit returns

The Council is required to conduct it's business in accordance with the Audit and Accountability Regulations. The approved annual governance and accountability returns for the year ending 31st March :-

Grants to community organisations


Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 empowers Town and Parish Council's to spend some of its money, subject to limits, on purposes that it considers to be "in the interests of, and will bring direct benefit to, their area, or any part of it, or all or some of its inhabitants." The maximum allowed to be spent in the 2020/21 financial year is calculated at £8.32 per elector. Grants under Section 137 are only available to Groups or Organisations (personal applications cannot be considered) and any grant requests should be supported by completing an authorised Application Form. The request must be from a Group or Organisation that supports or has a direct benefit to the residents of Edlington.

The Town Council adopted its grants policy on 12th September, 2017. Grants can be awarded to local community and voluntary groups ranging from £25 up to a maximum of £250.